Here’s Why Your Safety May be At Risk in the Bathroom

Nobody wants to think of their bathroom as a dangerous place. Unfortunately, they can pose a risk for people of all ages.

Various reasons can be the culprit of slip and fall accidents, from outdated showers to cracked tiles—which makes renovations even more important.

Discover more about what can pose a safety hazard in the bathroom and how to prevent it.

Common Causes of Bathroom Injuries

Homeowners are always intrigued by stunning bathroom tiles and enticing mirrors. However, rarely does anyone consider safety features to keep them from the risk of falling. Here are a few reasons you may sustain a fall or accident in your bathroom:

  • Outdated showers. Your bathroom features are bound to wear out over time. The same goes for the shower. A deteriorating shower head leaks, making the bathroom floor wet and slippery. This boosts the likelihood of slips. Even worse, an outdated shower head may fall and hit your head as you wash yourself.
  • Broken bathtub. Bathtubs endure the weight of your entire family. This explains why they wear out quickly. A broken bathtub could be another reason why you may slip and fall.
  • Cracked tiles. Damaged and broken tiles can be an obstacle as you walk. So, it creates a trip hazard for anyone using the bathroom.

What Research Says About Slip and Fall Hazards

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals surprising data about fall injuries. Around 36 million people aged 65 or older fall, resulting in serious bone or head injuries.

Further, the World Health Organization (WHO) highlights that around 684,000 people die from falls annually. In fact, they are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths globally.

Additionally, seniors are more likely to fall due to mobility issues and other health complications.

Another survey by CDC reveals that around 370 individuals in the US are injured in bathrooms. The same research highlights that tub and shower injuries are common among 66% of people.

It also mentions that around 235,000 teenagers and adults are admitted to emergency rooms due to falls and slips.

This means homeowners must take proactive measures and seek reliable solutions to prevent the problem.

How Professionals May Help

Professional bathroom installers know what boosts your safety in the bathroom. Here’s how they may help prevent bathroom slip and fall accidents:

Motion Sensing Lights

Unwanted leaks and soap scum buildup can cause you to trip. Any obstacles blocking your path also risk your safety. Installing motion sensor lights can boost your safety as you navigate the bathroom.

A well-lit space lets you see things more clearly and keeps you from tripping. Keeping your bathroom clean can also help prevent fall accidents.

Grab Bars

Professional bathroom renovators always suggest installing grab bars. Whether you’re someone with mobility issues or someone in your home who has a disability, they can help you navigate the bathroom seamlessly. Firstly, they let seniors hold onto something while moving. Secondly, they can come in handy should you slip.

Shower Chair

The shower chair offers a hassle-free way to a shower and keeps you from falling unexpectedly. Since more people slip when taking a shower, sitting on a shower chair helps against slips.

Non-Slip Mat Backing

Mats are a great way to get traction on the floor of the shower. Install a non-slip backing to keep the mat from moving and prevent falls.

Efficient Shower Installation

Since deteriorating showers can leak excessively, they can leave the floor wet, causing accidents. Professional contractors check your shower heads to see if a new one should be installed that doesn't leak.

Raised Toilet Seat

Besides the grab bars, a raised toilet seat can also prevent fall hazards for people with limited mobility. Experts typically install a 4” or 5” toilet seat riser to offer a safer bathroom experience. It makes getting on and off the toilet seat easier and keeps users from tripping.


One of the biggest reasons for moisture in the bathroom is inadequate ventilation, making it critical to invest in ventilation equipment.

If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, contractors would likely install exhaust fans to allow airflow. This will ensure the moisture moves out of the bathroom after a hot shower, leaving your space dry and slip-free.

That’s a Wrap!

Though people rarely notice, bathroom slip and fall accidents are more common than you think. It’s primarily because homeowners often prefer aesthetics over functionality. Doing so, they skip installing features that help upgrade their safety in the bathroom.

If you’re in the same boat, now is the time to take action. Reach out to professional bathroom contractors and see what options are available to make your bathroom safer. Remember, the more functional and accessible your bathroom, the better for you and your loved ones.